“Never give up hope. If you do, you'll be dead already.” -Dementia Patient, Rose in The Inspired Caregiver


What is your admission protocol?

We cater to senior populations who may need assistance with personal care or activities of daily living as long as they fit our program. Admission process starts with a pre-assessment followed by a comprehensive assessment, and the establishment of an individualized plan of care based on the resident’s specific personal care needs.

What are personal care services?

The personal care services encompass assistance in grooming, dressing, feeding, toilet hygiene, bathing, functional transfers, ambulation assistance including management and administration of medication. Moreover, we also provide special services related to blood glucose checks, wound management, oxygen monitoring, and blood pressure monitoring.

Do you have a standard rate/fee for every resident?

The fee varies based on the whether private or semi- private room and the level of care provided. Contact us directly for a tour and assessment.

What are the visiting hours?

The visiting hours are from 10am - 7pm with the exception of special circumstances where the family or visitor informs the staff.

What is the visitation rules and curfew?

We advocate for frequent visitations during the visiting hours. If the resident leaves the facility for any reason, it’s a must that the management/staff must be properly informed before the resident leaves the premises.

What is your medication policy?

We recommend that you utilize the pharmacy that we currently use since they deliver the medications to us directly and free of charge. Nevertheless, you may elect to utilize your preferred pharmacy. Our trained staff dispense and administer the medications as ordered by the physicians.

How many times a week do you provide showers?

We provide shower twice a week or as necessary and in accordance with the plan of care.

Do you celebrate birthdays?

Yes. We celebrate the birthdays of our residents with a cake and balloons. We urge the family to participate in the party.

Do you celebrate any Holidays?

Yes. We celebrate New Year’s Day, Valentine’s, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We encourage the family/friends to take part in the activities.

Can my loved one use the telephone?

The telephone can be used by residents, visitors, and healthcare personnel, but take into account the other residents who may need to use the phone. Furthermore, residents are allowed to bring their personal phone.

Can we bring personal belongings in the room?

Certainly. Personal belongings like photos and other important items will make the resident feel at home as long as it’s not excessive.